Welcome to a new world of AgTECH farming solutions!


NEXEM high-tech farming and state-of-the-art grow system design.

As the golden age of Cannabis commences, the role of high-tech innovation and efficiency is vital in determining which businesses will thrive in this modern era of AgTECH farming.

In addition to fulfilling bottom lines and making profits, today’s farmers must also focus on keeping pace with ever-changing legislation like the new Hemp Bill and building strong and diverse teams as they compete in the marketplace.

This is where NEXEM comes in.

NEXEM is a global manufacturer, direct seller and solution provider. We serve North America’s licensed producers and indoor greenhouse cultivators.

NEXEM has extensive experience in the Diversity Consulting space and our clients benefit from New Market Tax Credits, Opportunity Fund Investments, and equipment suppliers, who represent a diverse staff of employees who can deliver to your company a “Double Bottom Line” in ROI.

NEXEM is your partner from Infancy to Sustainability by providing access to:

  • The best products the agTECH industry has to offer
  • Indoor cultivation expertise
  • Industry-leading research and development
  • Quality assurance
  • Customized commercial services
  • Best industry pricing
  • Top industry leadership in education, advocacy, politics and events
  • And opportunities to create unlimited generational wealth

Welcome to a new world of green farming solutions!


At NEXEM, we IMAGINE containerized grow systems that are simple and easy to operate, Blue Zone grow light technology that ensures the maximum growth and yield of all of your plants and vegetables, precision-based biotechnology that will yield 400,000+ seeds and vertical factory solutions to build and grow a high-tech farming business at scale- all in one place.

As leaders in the DESIGN and development of state-of-the-art agriculture technology, NEXEM’s effective business services are uniquely built to add innovation and efficiency to all parts of your grow operation.

NEXEM also leverages data driven analytics to EVALUATE and identify leads, meet your target sales objectives and solve operational inefficiencies.

Join the Nexem AgTech family and APPLY our I.D.E.A.s and quality products and services to advance your business. Get solutions that work today!